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Jefferson Memorial, tribute to civic duty.

One Day Every Two Years

A campaign as a call to action stating that all citizens have a duty to spend at least one day every two years (preferably Sep/Oct before the November election) becoming informed regarding the candidates and issues upon which they will vote in the upcoming election.

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Lincoln Memorial, delivered of truth.

Voter Information Portal

An easy to use tool to help citizens become informed. The voter only need enter their zip code to be presented with a ballot of the candidates and issues upon which they will be expected to vote in the next election. They will then be able to drill down to get more/better information on any candidate or issue. The magic of this organization is the way information is presented in a credible and honest manner, based on facts.

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Our Capital, where decisions are made.

Direction For America

A tool to help citizens to understand the facts about legislation which has not yet become law, and provide a mechanism to debate the merits of potential legislation. First we need to know the facts; then we can debate if the proposed legislation is good or bad.

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Innovation In Government

This is a long term goal, to change the government accounting standards so that governmental managers who do a good job and help their departments to become more efficient will be rewarded, not punished. Currently the accounting standards punish managers who do not spend their complete budget, forcing them to be wasteful in order to insure they have enough money for the following year. Business works to be innovative and more efficient, government should do the same.

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